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Relationship with companies & community

Renaissance supports the promotion of KENKOKEIEI “Health and Productivity Management” through partnerships with public agencies, municipalities, companies, insurers, and other related organizations and extends assistance to the “creation of purpose in life” for all people in companies and communities. We are also engaged in a comprehensive range of initiatives to ensure that we can expand communities with companies and local residents as well as enable working people and local citizens to lead a healthy and lively life.

Promoting Health and Productivity Management, realizing the extension of a Healthy Life Expectancy and the achievement of an ageless society, as promoted by the government

Japan has become a nation that is well known for the long lifespans of its citizens, with one of the highest life expectancies in the world. At the same time, Japan is affected by, for example, an increase in expenses for public health care insurance system and a decrease in the working-age population, it has become rather difficult to maintain its social security system as-is or to increase economic growth rates.

As a company working with a philosophy of being a “company for creating a purpose in life,” Renaissance works in tandem with public agencies, municipalities, etc. to actively support Health and Productivity Management tackled by companies, and through the realization of the extension of a Healthy Life Expectancy and achieving an ageless society, we hope to play a part in making Japan become a country where people can enjoy a longevity of life that the world strives for.

Supporting operations as a secretary company of the KENKOKEIEI Meeting.

Serving as a secretary company of the KENKOKEIEI Meeting Committee, Renaissance supports its operations in cooperation with public offices, municipalities, and companies. In recent years, meetings have been held in Tokyo, Yokohama, Kobe, and Kamakura. In 2020, due to COVID-19, we held the meeting online, thanks to cooperation from individual public offices and experts.

Let’s protect medical services with hand-made face masks

As part of countermeasures against COVID-19 and as a secretary company of the KENKOKEIEI Meeting Committee, we have actively supported activities by #SAVETheNurse.

Sponsoring the Study Session for Health and Productivity Management Practice

We support the practice of KENKOKEIEI “Health and Productivity Management” by offering cutting-edge information about health building and introducing examples from the companies that are pioneering KENKOKEIEI “Health and Productivity Management”. In addition, we regularly host health and productivity management promoter development training for corporate health and productivity management promoters.

Supporting enlightenment activities of the Health and Productivity Management

Approving the main concepts of the Nonprofit Organization Kenkokeiei, “Workshop for the Management of Health on Company and Employee”, and as a partner company and director, Renaissance supports enlightenment activities of Health and Productivity Management , which is conducted by them.

Also, as a member of KENKO Business Association, aiming at working together to promote Health and Productivity Management and to contribute to an extension of a Healthy Life Expectancy, we are very much involved in initiatives to upgrade Health and Productivity Management.

*KENKOKEIEI "Health and Productivity Management" is a registered trademark of the Nonprofit Organization .Kenkokeiei.

Activities of the Federation of Health and Longevity Industries

The Federation of Health and Longevity Industries is an organization that strives to promote all industries engaged in the extension of Healthy Life Expectancy in Japan by creating an inter-industry forum for exchanges driven by companies and industry organizations, by engaging itself in activities for the extension of a Healthy Life Expectancy across industries, and by addressing social challenges through efforts by the government and the private sector, all while targeting the optimizing of costs of public medical and nursing services. As a director company, Renaissance is actively supporting the organization’s activities and operations as a director of the federation. RENAISSANCE serves as the chairperson of the Health and Productivity Management Working Group and actively supports activities and management of the group as a board member company.

Activities in governmental committees and related organizations

Through activities of governmental committees and related organizations, we support the extension of a healthy life span as promoted by the government.

Government committees

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

  • Member, Healthcare and Medical Care New Industrial Council *1
  • Member, Health Investment Working Group *2

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

  • Chairman, Smart Life Project Promotion Committee *1

Japan Sports Agency

  • Health and Sports Division, Sports Council  *1
  • Member, Sports Yell Company
Related organizations
  • President, PIIA Japan Sports Health Industries Federation
  • President, General Incorporated Association Fitness Industry
  • Association of Japan
  • Board member, PIIA Japan Health Promotion & Fitness Foundation
  • Director, Nonprofit Organization Kenkokeiei
  • Vice Chairman, Federation of Health and Longevity Industries, etc.

Solving health challenges in communities, and aiming for a longer life expectancy

With the motto of “safe, enjoyable and effective”, we support initiatives for preventive care and health building that are conducted by local municipalities. We also address various challenges such as the training of supporters so that they can assume a role of assisting with the health building of local residents.

Conducting communication activities with a focus on connections in the community

In addition to sports club management, we participate in community events and clean-ups to proactively build communication with community members.

Examples of community activities
Example 1) Sports Club & Spa Renaissance Kumamoto Minami: “Participation in a Festival in the Harutake Area”

The Kumamoto Minami Club participates in a local festival as a supporting company, engaged in creating opportunities for community residents to start physical exercise by distributing trial tickets and tennis balls and by presenting invitation tickets by lottery. Many swimming and tennis school students visit the festival, thereby deepening exchanges. Participation in community events is a valuable activity to offer opportunities for health improvements through communication with community residents.

Sports Club & Spa Renaissance Kumamoto Minami: “Participation in a Festival in the Harutake Area”
Example 2) Sports Club Renaissance Sendai Izumi-chuo “Participation in Cleaning of the Entire Izumi Ward”

At the Sendai Izumi-chuo Club, as part of welcoming guests to our facility, we clean both the interior and exterior surroundings, and participate in a community (Izumi Ward) cleaning event held twice a year out of a desire to keep the area clean. There is a street called Daffodil Road (Suisen-dori) in front of the facility with flower beds set up along it, where all the students at the local Nanakita Elementary School have been continually taking care of these flowers ever since the earthquake. Participation in the community cleaning event is an important opportunity for us to make sure everyone can continue to enjoy the beautiful sight of the blooming flowers when walking along the street.

Sports Club Renaissance Sendai Izumi-chuo “Participation in the Cleaning for the Entire Izumi Ward”

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