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[G] Governance

To realize a sustainable society, we feel that we have to be trusted by every stakeholder, while achieving sustainable growth. To achieve this goal, we will address management through positioning the pursuit of the best Corporate Gavernance as an important challenge.

Corporate Gavernance

At RENAISSANCE, we are focused on improving corporate value with the goal of achieving sustainable corporate development and growth. To this end, our basic policy on Corporate Gavernance values the building of systems that will make sound and efficient corporate management possible — the management task of utmost importance.
To earn even greater trust from our stakeholders, we endeavor to conduct transparent and swift business administration, consistently achieve the highest standard in Corporate Gavernance, and make continuous improvements to these systems.
Furthermore, RENAISSANCE respects the rights of shareholders. In addition to ensuring managerial fairness and transparency, we will be improving our Corporate Gavernance with the belief that strengthening management dynamism is key to this endeavor.

Corporate Gavernance Guideline

With the aim of achieving sustainable development and growth while improving corporate value based on the spirit of our Corporate Gavernance Code, RENAISSANCE has formulated the Corporate Gavernance Guideline.
Grounded in our Corporate Philosophy and Corporate Behavioral guidelines, this Corporate Gavernance guideline aims to achieve sustainable development and growth for the company by improving corporate value, and seeks to achieve the highest standard in Corporate Gavernance so as to earn the trust of our stakeholders.

Corporate Gavernance system

Risk Management

RENAISSANCE identifies environmental and operational risks at individual departments and evaluates their impact on management. Results are reported to management while risk management is conducted by making plans for alleviating or avoiding risks. In planning and verifying risk countermeasures, every year, we grasp the conditions of internal and external environments, set up priority risks, and manage the importance levels of risks for continuous optimization.

Disaster prevention measures

Preparing for disasters

At RENAISSANCE, we hold repeated training for securing the safety of guests and employees in the event of a disaster and to promptly resume business.

Main Initiatives
  • Implementing training with self-defense forces and firefighters
  • Implementing training for handling emergency situations and using the AED device
  • Implementing preventing measures to keep furniture from overturning
  • Establishing emergency use cell phones, contact network systems, disaster prevention equipment, and emergency stocks
  • Introduction of disaster relief vendor initiatives (making vending machines free in the event of a disaster)
  • Systems for quick restoration and reopening of facilities through cooperative relationships with clients

Moving forward, we will continue to prepare for all possibilities and strengthen our safety management systems and run our facilities so that all of you can continue to work toward creating health in your own lives with complete peace of mind.


As the foundation for conducting fair and transparent business activities and responding to requirements and expectations from stakeholders, the RENAISSANCE Group has established the Group Compliance Code of Conduct. Acting in compliance with this standard is the RENAISSANCE Group’s social mission. All officers and employees continue to strive to establish such a structure and seek for improvements.

Group Compliance Code of Conduct

Our Group Compliance Code of Conduct stipulates the seven compliance requirements in the table below:

  1. 1.We will establish a safe and comfortable working environment

  2. 2.We will comply with all laws and regulations as well as company rules and employment regulations

  3. 3.We will cultivate social norms and a sense of ethics as a member of society

  4. 4.We will ensure the safety of facilities

  5. 5.We will prohibit any provision of benefits to antisocial forces and groups

  6. 6.We will assure the reliability of financial reports and conduct disclosure in a timely and appropriate manner

  7. 7.We will take disciplinary action if necessary

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