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Communication with employees

In RENAISSANCE’s corporate philosophy as a “Company to create something to live for,” we contained a message in hopes to create fulfilling lives for not only our guests but also our employees through our work. In addition, the keywords for our Behavioral guidelines include “hospitality,” “diligence,” “contributing to society,” “devotion to one’s work,” and also to seek out something we, too, can live for.

5 important values at RENAISSANCE

5 important values at RENAISSANCE
To support the health of our guests, we must first make efforts to develop a healthy mind and body both for ourselves and our surroundings.
For guests, coworkers, clients, and other people we interact with, maintain a considerate, hospitable, and compassion mindset.
Don’t be satisfied with the way things are now, but instead aim higher and proactively work toward improvement and creation.
Take on a leading role for yourself, work for those around you, pool your resources with theirs, and achieve results you couldn’t on your own.
Striving for Results
With compliance as a prerequisite, don’t give up, and earnestly insist on the final result you’re trying to achieve.

Promote Health and Productivity Management

In order to achieve our corporate philosophy, “Proposing a healthy and comfortable lifestyle to the guests,” it’s essential for employees to be healthy in both mind and body and also for them to work energetically. At RENAISSANCE, we have implemented a health management strategy which is a system that supports employees’ health while also contributing to good results for the company’s business. On July 1st, 2016, Masaaki Yoshida, Representative Director, President and Corporate Officer, was appointed to the position of CHO (Chief Health Officer), launching RENAISSANCE’s health management strategy initiative.

RENAISSANCE Health and Productivity Management declaration

Based on RENAISSANCE’s corporate philosophy as a “Company to create something to live for,” we are working on initiatives for creating a meaningful life for all of our guests through healthy living.
In order to achieve this goal, the first step is ensuring that all employees maintain their health in both mind and body as professionals in this industry, and also seek out something to live for. We consider this to be the most important thing within our Behavioral guidelines and guidelines for human resource ideals.
Based on our Health and Productivity Management declaration, we are providing a new level of proactive health management and organizational work improvement measures and contributing to society by helping our guests create something to live for.

Diversity management

Focusing on health as a keyword, RENAISSANCE is transitioning from a sole focus on sports clubs to a business providing various services and expanding globally. In order to develop an organizational structure that can achieve sustainable growth, we have chosen “diversity promotion” as an important management strategy for both ensuring a stable supply of employees and also conducting training. We carry out initiatives based on this fundamental guideline.

Fundamental Guidelines for Diversity Promotion

As a “Company to create something to live for,” RENAISSANCE considers the diversity promotion one of its important management strategies.

  1. By leveraging individual differences like gender, age, nationality, disabilities, values, and culture, we create new value.
  2. By accepting these differences and building up trust, cooperation, and meaningfulness of work, individual employees’ strengths can be leveraged to their maximum effectiveness.
  3. Through the diversity promotion, we can achieve innovations that will handle the diversified needs of the marketplace, improving our corporate value.
Main Initiatives Related to the Diversity Promotion

At RENAISSANCE, there is a Diversity Promotion Team within the personnel strategy department, and this team works toward reforms in the way we work through promotion of women in the workplace and a company environment where employees accept each other’s diversity. This in turn helps us to handle the major changes in society such as declining and aging population, and the diversification of both client needs and values related to work.
In addition, we have set up a dedicated bulletin board for diversity promotion topics, and held events such as a symposium on the topic of promoting women in the workplace, a training session for women’s career design, and an introduction of examples within the company based on internal information. These are some of our main initiatives for the diversity promotion.

Promoting Women in the Workplace

Promoting women in the workplace is not limited to activities targeted to women themselves. It also requires initiatives for men such as participating in childrearing and changing working style, activities to improve awareness and culture within the company as a whole. Based on the fundamental principle of promoting diversity, we have established a plan for independent action to promote women in the workplace, and are working toward its implementation.

Principles for Promotion of Women in the Workplace
  • We, in order to achieve our objective as a “Company to create something to live for,” promotion of diversity management is an important strategy.
  • The promotion of women in the workplace is an indispensable theme for improving corporate value, and our entire organization is proactively working toward it.
  • By increasing women’s activities, we can handle the diversified needs of the market and promote innovation.

Independent action plan related to the appointment of a female executive or manager.

  1. 1.Female employees find their work worthwhile and put their skills to work actively.
  2. 2.Achieve a highly-productive working style that also maintains a good work-life balance for both male and female employees.
  3. 3.Use the activities of female employees related to decision-making to improve competitiveness and the stability of management.
[Quantitative Goals for 2020]
  1. 4.5 or more female executives
  2. 5.Management staff 30% female
  3. 6.Leader staff (subsection chief and above) 50% female
  • ○Start up an appointment organization
  • ○Objectives shared among all employees at meetings
  • ○Opinion exchanges with female employees and management staff, etc.
Hiring for the Disabled

RENAISSANCE staff members include a variety of different types of people ranging from athletes who have appeared in the Deaflympics to business-minded people who want to be a part of a growing industry and there are employees working for the company that have a wide range of different ideas. The environment allows staff to get a sense of personal growth while maintaining an awareness of guest goal achievement and changes. By elevating the value of each individual, this system provides growth and meaningful work.

Number of Disabled Employees (Count) and Employment Ratio

Disability type

Personnel Training for Overseas Expansion

Using the knowledge and experience we’ve developed in Japan, we have expanded our business to a fitness club facility and swimming school in Vietnam. For training the local staff, we are implementing a program with the goal of providing the same level of service as at our facilities in Japan.
In addition to the language barrier and differences in customs and culture, Japanese staff visit the facility to provide instruction on a variety of topics such as swimming and weight training instruction for guests, yoga lessons, reception, and facility guidance, with the goal of developing the skills of the local staff. In addition, we are conducting intensive on-the-job training at the facility with the goal of implementing management by Vietnamese staff in the future. In this way, we are deepening our cultural interactions and working toward creation of shared values.

Aiming for Best Workplaces

RENAISSANCE participated in the “Best Workplaces 2019” survey run by Great Place to Work ® Institute Japan (GPTW Japan), and was selected as the best company in the large company category for the 7th year in a row.

In order to continue to provide our staff with a worthwhile work experience, RENAISSANCE is engaged in a variety of initiatives.

Internal Club Activities

At this company, we have established a swimming club for the goals of employee acquisition and training, improvement of instruction quality, and increasing awareness of staff and members. This group also takes part in corporate competitions. Tennis coaches also proactively participate in tournaments as competitors.
Entering these competitions improves the goals and skills of each of these staff members, and in addition to the knowledge and experience from this participation coming in handy during guest coaching, achieving results in competition gives our guests something to aim for.

  • 67th Japan Industrial and Commercial Swimming Competition: Renaissance women’s swim team, 1st place (2nd consecutive win, won last year in spite of participating for the first time.)
  • 55th All Japan Industrial and Commercial Tennis Competition “Business Pal Tennis”
    Renaissance tennis staff, Kanto area “Chiba” team, 1st place (2nd consecutive win)
Best Staff Member Contest

At this company, staff working at Sports Club Renaissance nationwide share their “best practice” that provides fulfillment and satisfaction for guests as well as the “mindset” behind it, with the goal of improving guest service, and a “Best Staff Member Contest” is held every year to make more people related to the company happy. Staff in the front desk, fitness, swimming, and tennis sections each compete against the other members in their section during the area preliminaries, and the winners compete in the nationwide contest. Out of the nationwide participants, the best are chosen from each section (4 staff each).

Internal Award Structure

Awards are given to staff members who contributed to RENAISSANCE in their work through the results they achieved, first aid assistance, and other activities such as contribution activities for communities.

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