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Sustainability at RENAISSANCE

Concept of Sustainability

We will help everybody of every age "create purpose in life" through our business

At RENAISSANCE, we carry out our business activities based on our corporate philosophy since our founding as a “Company for creating purpose in life” Also, we have an awareness of maintaining good health as a method for solving social problems in long-lived society like Japan, and have developed our sports club and other businesses with this in mind.
For a business to achieve continuous growth possible, executives and employees who are healthy in both mind and body, and work energetically are essential, and we view the development of both personnel and the organization itself as our top objectives.
By not only strengthening the governance system that forms our foundation, but also developing a long-term working environment, maintaining and improving quality services in interactions with guests, and improving the creation of shared value, we will seek the “RENAISSANCE way.”
RENAISSANCE will aim to keep all people healthy in both mind and body and be a company that contributes to society through our business activities.

Governance Structure

Please see the Corporate Governance page in IR Information.

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