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Message from the Chairman
Message from the Chairman

This year, RENAISSANCE is celebrating its 44th anniversary since it was established in 1979. I define the spirit of the company’s foundation as “realize an ideal society by providing customers with ‘health’ that is a source of energy and passion, aiming for a recovery of humanity against a controlled and excessively materialistic society.” I consider it to be the same as the cultural movement “Renaissance” that took place in the 14th to 16th century in Europe that revived classical art and intellect as a “recovery of humanity.” Therefore, we adopted this name for the company and all of its facilities.

The 1980s marked the beginning of the sports club business in Japan and was positioned as a leisure industry with young people as its main target customers. However, around 1990, participation by middle-aged women started to increase and become more noticeable. In the 2000s, participation by seniors drastically increased, effectively transforming sports clubs into places of health augmentation. During this time, RENAISSANCE worked with the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and recently with the Japan Sports Agency to proceed with a wide range of initiatives for not only augmenting health but also solving social issues such as disease prevention, preventive care and promoting health and productivity management at corporations.

From March 2020, COVID-19 started to cause drastic changes across society. As a result, the fitness industry developed new styles of exercising more safely than ever before. Also, new workstyles, services, and communication that take advantage of online resources are accelerating, so we are aiming to develop services that utilize digital technologies such as online lessons and online shopping. Such new approaches have certainly expanded the possibilities of providing “health” and “purpose in life” not only to the customers visiting our facilities, but also to more people.

In this era of great uncertainty and drastic changes, we are now expected to play a leading role more than ever towards the realization of a “society of healthy longevity” where people can lead a fulfilling life while maintaining their physical and mental health.

We are determined to move forward without ever forgetting the spirit of our foundation so that we can continue to contribute to people’s health building and the development of a sustainable society.

Toshikazu Saito
Representative Director, Chairman,
and Corporate Officer

Message from the President
Masaaki Yoshida Representative Director, President, and Corporate Officer

Based on Corporate Philosophy of “a company for creating purpose in life (ikigai in Japanese),” RENAISSANCE INCORPORATED proposes a healthy and comfortable lifestyle to our guests by operating comprehensive sports clubs to help promote the health of people throughout Japan. Since 2022, heralding “a health solution company that enriches the age of the 100-year life span” as its long-term vision, the company is committed to seeking out the promotion of a healthy life expectancy that will become even more important going forward, in addition to sustainable growth and mid and long-term improvements to corporate value.
Under the current social environment with increasing uncertainty such as pandemics, climate change, and international conflicts, we are required to contribute to the sustainability of society as a corporate entity.
We will utilize our know-how of health promotion that we have cultivated thus far and work on solving social issues not only through the sports club business, which is our core business, but also through the health care business with long-term care rehabilitation and the support of local government bodies and companies in their health-promotion activities
RENAISSANCE would like to ask all of our stakeholders for their continued and steadfast support as we assist all stakeholders to “create purpose in life (ikigai in Japanese)” through our business.

Toshiharu Okamoto
Representative Director, President,
and Corporate Officer

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