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Corporate Philosophy

RENAISSANCE, "a company for creating purpose in life (ikigai in Japanese)," proposes a healthy and comfortable lifestyle to our guests.

The Renaissance, an art movement that began in Florence Italy in the 14th century, is recognized as a time of revival for the arts. It was a time of spirited artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael.
RENAISSANCE was chosen as the name for our company and facilities because of a founding spirit that believes "a movement of revitalization of humanity" — a response to an overly controlled and material-centered society. The company name embodies our desire to achieve the ideal society by providing the guests with physical health — the wellspring of energy and passion — in the best way possible.
The healthy life expectancy is a major goal for people as Japan's population continues to rapidly age. Our mission is to help everybody of every age bracket “create something to live for” by offering a method of “delightful health promotion.”

Behavioral guidelines
  • We will perform our work with hospitable and diligent efforts.
  • We will discipline ourselves to perform correct and creative work.
  • We will pursue creation of something to live for ourselves and contribute to the society.

Company logo

Our logo uses the word RENAISSANCE as a symbol.
The motif uses the "Re" from "Renaissance" to express two energetic people.


These people symbolize our guests and the RENAISSANCE staff that provide them with support.
It also represents our customers reborn, expressing the joy of discovering their new selves through RENAISSANCE. The logo expresses a variety of other effervescent relationships, as well, including our customers and their children, husbands and wives, and friends.
Two people in vivacious motion symbolize what RENAISSANCE stands for.

Long-term Vision

A health solution company that enriches the age of the 100-year life span

With the arrival of the age of the 100-year life span, RENAISSANCE is engaging in a wide range of business activities with the aim of enabling people to enjoy a rich life in both physically and mentally good “health” and create “purpose in life (ikigai in Japanese)” during every stage of their lives.

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