SustainabilityCorporate Social Responsibility

Relationship with stakeholders

To realize “a health solution company that enriches the age of the 100-year life span” as its long-term vision, RENAISSANCE will support health improvements of all stakeholders and contribute to creating purpose in life.


To realize creating purpose in life (ikigai in Japanese)for all stakeholders, RENAISSANCE considers it to be important to start with its employees.
To enable employees to exert their maximum performance, the company promotes active support of health improvements and systematic workstyle reforms such as the promotion of health and productivity management, the advancement of diversity and inclusion, and the review of workstyles. We will continue to address management to emphasize investments in human resources.

5 important values at RENAISSANCE

Important values that are treasured by staff members working at RENAISSANCE

5 important values at RENAISSANCE
To support the health of our guests, we must first make efforts to develop a healthy mind and body both for ourselves and our surroundings.
For guests, coworkers, clients, and other people we interact with, maintain a considerate, hospitable, and compassion mindset.
Don’t be satisfied with the way things are now, but instead aim higher and proactively work toward improvement and creation.
Take on a leading role for yourself, work for those around you, pool your resources with theirs, and achieve results you couldn’t on your own.
Striving for Results
With compliance as a prerequisite, don’t give up, and earnestly insist on the final result you’re trying to achieve.

Promote Kenkokeiei “Health and Productivity Management”

In order to achieve our corporate philosophy, “Proposing a healthy and comfortable lifestyle to the guests,” it’s essential for employees to be healthy in both mind and body and also for them to work energetically. At RENAISSANCE, we have implemented a health management strategy which is a system that supports employees’ health while also contributing to good results for the company’s business. Toshiharu Okamoto Representative Director, President and Corporate Officer, was appointed to the position of CHO (Chief Health Officer), launching RENAISSANCE’s health management strategy initiative.

RENAISSANCE Kenkokeiei “Health and Productivity Management” declaration

Based on RENAISSANCE’s corporate philosophy as a “Company to create something to live for,” we are working on initiatives for creating a meaningful life for all of our guests through healthy living.
In order to achieve this goal, the first step is ensuring that all employees maintain their health in both mind and body as professionals in this industry, and also seek out something to live for. We consider this to be the most important thing within our Behavioral guidelines and guidelines for human resource ideals.
Based on our Health and Productivity Management declaration, we are providing a new level of proactive health management and organizational work improvement measures and contributing to society by helping our guests create something to live for.


We have launched the Health and Productivity Management Promotion Committee centered on top management and officers of individual businesses and functional divisions, thereby establishing a system to enable each business and functional division to be independently involved, promote cooperation, and improve executive power. The activities of the committee include the sharing of priority measures for each fiscal year as well as discussions on challenges and initiatives that businesses and functional divisions will face or take on. As an advisor, Dr. Kunio Okada, Chief Director of the Nonprofit Organization Kenkokeiei, was inaugurated as industrial physician.


Priority Measures
  • - Promoting Kenkokeiei “Health and Productivity Management” and the improvement of employees' health awareness
  • - Implementation of health improvement measures with regard to exercises, dietary habits, recreation, etc.
  • - Realization of highly productive workplaces that are full of vitality as a result of work style reforms
  • - Turning PDCA cycles through evaluations and improvements of Kenkokeiei “Health and Productivity Management” measures
Quantitative data

Specific Initiatives
Management’s initiatives to participate in health improvements
Developing online lessons as part of employee welfare
Health management training for senior management conducted by Dr. Kunio Okada, Chief Industrial Physician
Hosted corporate-wide completive events utilizing health advisory application “Calomama Plus” and recognized top teams

For other actual initiatives, please visit the related link below:


White 500 — Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations

DBJ Health Management Rating

For other actual initiatives, please visit the related link below:

Diversity & Inclusion Promotion

With comprehensive sports clubs at its core, RENAISSANCE has extended its line of business through diversification and globalization, such as health improvement support for municipalities and companies, development of healthcare-related businesses including nursing care and rehabilitation, and entries into overseas markets that play a key role in health improvement and sports promotion in emerging countries in Asia such as the operations of fitness clubs and swimming schools in Vietnam.
To secure and develop human resources to build an organization that enables sustainable growth, “Diversity & Inclusion Promotion” is positioned as one of our most essential management strategies.

Fundamental Guidelines for “Diversity & Inclusion Promotion”

As a “company for creating purpose in life,” RENAISSANCE considers the “Diversity & Inclusion (herein after referred to as D&I) Promotion” one of its important management strategies.

  1. We create new values by leveraging individual differences such as gender, age, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity, disabilities, values, and culture.
  2. We will create an organization where the strength of each employee can be leveraged to their maximum effectiveness by accepting differences and building up trust, cooperation, and meaningfulness at work.
  3. Through the D&I promotion, we can achieve innovations that will handle the diversified needs of the marketplace, improving our corporate value.
Top Message

Currently, social environments are drastically changing in Japan, as illustrated by the declining birthrate and aging population, expanding women’s participation in society, accelerating globalization, and the advances of IT technology. At RENAISSANCE, a dedicated team to promote diversity was launched in FY2014, which was the start of internal activities. The following year, we launched Fundamental Guidelines for “Diversity & Inclusion Promotion.” While promoting relevant initiatives, we have positioned these guidelines as one of our key management strategies for securing and nurturing human resources in order to build an organization that enables sustainable growth. We are now facing tough and uncertain times with even more drastic changes. In such times, it is essential to have the capability to unite individual strengths and create new ideas. Towards RENAISSANCE’s corporate philosophy of “creation of purpose in life” and the realization of human capital management, we promote the appointment of female and other diverse managers, all the while aiming to build an organization where all employees mutually recognize diversity in the form of gender, age, nationality, affinity orientation, gender identity, disabilities, values, and culture. We consistently strive to take full advantage of individual strengths.

Toshiharu Okamoto
Representative Director, President, and Corporate Officer

Policy on assuring diversity pertaining to the promotion of core human resources, etc.

In consideration of the importance of human resource strategy towards mid and long-term corporate value improvements, we have established human resource development and in-house environment improvement policies to assure the diversity of core human resources as follows:

Policy on assuring diversity pertaining to the promotion of core human resources, etc.
  • As “a company for creating purpose in life (ikigai in Japanese),” RENAISSANCE considers that assuring the diversity of managerial staff (core human resources) will contribute to the adaption of diversifying market needs, responses to risks, and improvements of labor productivity. This is an important initiative to improve mid to long-term corporate values.
  • In addition to the systematic development of candidates for managerial positions and the positive promotion of females and other diverse people to such positions, RENAISSANCE is also creating an organization that recognizes diversity in an organization, cultivating trust and a sense of unity, and enabling individuals to fully exert their strengths.
  • By increasing the flexibility of personnel systems and structures, etc., in response to changes in society, we will promote further reforms in the way we work, and create an environment in which diverse human resources can play an active role.
Promotion of Women in the Workplace

Promoting women in the workplace is not limited to activities targeted to women themselves. It also requires initiatives for men such as participating in childrearing and changing working style, activities to improve awareness and culture within the company as a whole. Based on the fundamental principle of promoting D&I, we have established a plan for independent action to promote women in the workplace, and are working toward its implementation.

Principles for Promotion of Women in the Workplace
  • We, in order to achieve our objective as a “company for creating purpose in life,” promotion of D&I is an important strategy.
  • The promotion of women in the workplace is an indispensable theme for improving corporate value, and our entire organization is proactively working toward it.
  • By increasing women’s activities, we can handle the diversified needs of the market and promote
  • innovation.

Independent action plan related to the appointment of a female executive or manager.

  1. 1.Female employees find their work worthwhile and put their skills to work actively.
  2. 2.Achieve a highly-productive working style that also maintains a good work-life balance for both male and female employees.
  3. 3.Use the activities of female employees related to decision-making to improve competitiveness and the stability of management.
[Quantitative targets]
  1. 1. Manager ratio: 18%
  2. 2. Leaders (subsection chiefs or equivalent) ratio: 40% *FY2023

Latest data

  • ■Number and ratio of female officers

  • ■Ratio of female managers

    *Managers: managers, section manager s, and higher
  • ■Ratio of female employees

  • ■Acquisition rate of men taking child-care leave

■Difference between female and male renumeration

  • *Renumeration: Includes base pay, compensation for overtime, bonuses, etc. but excludes retirement allowances, etc.
  • *Full-time employees: Include two employees on loan outside the group.
  • *Fixed-term and temporary employees: Average annual pay of these employees are calculated based on the number of employees converted by the regular working hours (eight hours a day) of full-time employees.

Communication with management

■Opinion exchange meetings between female employees and management (roundtable discussions)

We establish opportunities for face-to-face communication between female employees and management to, for example, share the current status of female employees' work-life balances and exchange opinions on the initiatives of D&I promotions.

Improvements of career development awareness

■Career design training

We conduct career design training for employees in three-year intervals for a total of three times, starting in their third year of employment. This is to raise awareness about their career continuity and career development, and to take precise actions at an early stage of their career formation.

■CDP (Career Development Program)

We establish opportunities for employees to report their career development plans going forward to the company and managers every fiscal year.

■Career interviews

Based on the career development plan reported by each female employee, there is an interview with their manager, thereby making the scope of responsibilities and skills development more specific.

■In-house recruitment system

As an initiative to enable individuals to voluntarily realize workstyles and career designs, we provide opportunities for them to apply to organizations or new open facilities.

Managers’ awareness reforms

■Manager training

As an initiative to promote D&I, we regularly host training for managers as key persons in the workplace.
We also integrate unconscious bias training for senior managers into the program.

■Participation in IkuBoss Corporate Alliance

RENAISSANCE is a member of the IkuBoss Corporate Alliance, which is promoted by the NPO Fathering Japan and embraces the IkuBoss declaration by managers, thereby making efforts to develop managers for a new age and create an environment where all employees can play an active role.

Company’s initiative to support the balance between working and child-rearing

■Mechanisms to support the balance between working and child-rearing

  • - Child-rearing leave: Can be taken until a child turns 2 1/2 years old.
  • - Child-rearing short working hours: Working hours can be reduced by one or two hours until a child is in third grade at elementary school.
  • - Babysitter expense subsidy: The company subsidizes the expense up to a maximum of 20,000 yen/month per child to support working at nights or during hours when nurseries are closed.
  • - YLP (Your Life Plan) leave: Such leave systems are available for Infertility treatments, gender reassignment surgeries, or hormone treatments.
  • - Paid leave by the hour: Employees can take leave on an hourly basis up to five days’ worth.

■RenaiFami Plus

  • - Networking system for employees during child-rearing that is aimed at realizing work styles in view of future career formation, while building relationships to enable those involved to mutually consult and support.
  • - We regularly host RenaiFami Plus Forums that assemble child-rearing female employees from across Japan. Exchanges are continually promoted by hosting the event online and utilizing social media and other communication tools.
  • - Female employees engaged in work and child-rearing including those who are certified as a post-parental leave advisor* support the compatibility of work and child-rearing by giving advice to those who are on or following child-rearing leave.
    *The post-parental leave advisor is a certified development course hosted by the NPO Women á Work Research Center.

■Opening of Mama Square Ryogoku

We opened an unlicensed nursery, Mama Square Ryogoku, at the Head Office. It is utilized as a nursery that is connected to the office.

*Image is for illustrative purposes only.

Promotion to take child-rearing leave by male employees

■Promotion of supporting child-rearing

In addition to promoting active roles of female employees at workplaces, we are simultaneously promoting active roles to be played by male employees at home.
We set a target of a 100% acquisition rate for male employees taking child-rearing leave and introduced a system to make short-period child-rearing leave paid leave.

Hiring for the Disabled

RENAISSANCE staff members include a variety of different types of people ranging from athletes who have appeared in the Deaflympics to business-minded people who want to be a part of a growing industry and there are employees working for the company that have a wide range of different ideas. The environment allows staff to get a sense of personal growth while maintaining an awareness of guest goal achievement and changes. By elevating the value of each individual, this system provides growth and meaningful work.

Number of Disabled Employees (Count) and Employment Ratio

Disability type

Sexual minorities

To acquire the knowledge and awareness necessary for understanding sextual minorities, we host training for all managers and provide e-learning opportunities for all employees. We have been engaged in creating workplaces where diversity is mutually recognized and where everyone can play an active role.

Scene from training for all managers

RENAISSANCE also announced its approval of “Business Support for LGBT Equality in Japan*” by EqualityActJapan, which aims to establish the LGBT Equality Law in Japan.


Awarded “SILVER” at “Pride Index 2022”

Certified as Best Workplace at the D&I Award 2022

For other certifications, please visit the related link below:

Regular reviews of work styles

Telecommuting system

To realize more-productive and more-flexible work styles, employees can take advantage of a telecommuting system while out of the office and at home, etc.

Self-selective staggered work shifts

Employees working at the head office can choose a time to come to work between 8:00 and 10:00 a.m.
(Range of application is expanded at the time of telecommuting.)

System of permanent employees for designated areas

We have an area employee system in which employees will have no job relocation accompanying a change of residence or will have a limited designated area to work in, thereby offering an environment where they can play an active role based on their own life design.

Side jobs

Side jobs and side business are allowed based upon an application process and permission.


Renaissance allows telecommuting during long vacations, thereby enabling new work styles for work while enjoying vacation.

Career design vacation

Employees can take vacations for up to three years to study overseas, engage in overseas volunteer activities, study at a university or graduate school, or for the job relocation of a spouse.

Active roles played by employees

Results of internal club activities
  • Japan Amateur Swimming Championships (2022): Renaissance’s Women’s Swim Team, 2nd place (General category)
  • Japan Industrial and Commercial Tennis Competition (2002): Renaissance’s Women’s Tennis Team, 5th place
  • Kanto Industrial and Commercial Tennis League (2022): Renaissance’s Women’s Tennis Team, 1st place; Renaissance’s Men’s Tennis Team, 5th place
  • 60th All Japan Industrial and Commercial Tennis Competition (Business Pal Tennis) (2021): Renaissance Men’s and Women’s Tennis Teams won first place.
  • 2nd Tokyo Amateur Team Swimming Championships (2019): Renaissance Women’s Swim Team won first place.
  • Tokyo Region Kigyo Taiko Ekiden (2019)
    Women’s Division: Renaissance Women’s Ekiden Team won first place.
    Men’s Division: Renaissance Men’s Ekiden Team won third place.
Internal Award Structure

Awards are given to staff members that have contributed to Renaissance through work such as achievements in business, life-saving, and community contributions.


Currently, Japan faces an important issue of social uncertainty due to drastic demographic changes such as increased social welfare spending in a super-aged society ahead of other advanced countries. Due to the spread of COVID-19 infections, Japan also faces new social challenges such as secondary health damage mainly due to a lack of exercise and weakened community ties.
In addition to the initiatives for physical and mental health promotions at sports club facilities and nursing and rehabilitation facilities involving children to seniors, RENAISSANCE also offers online fitness services that are not through facilities and exercise support for those who have a disease or disability, thereby addressing the challenge of solving these issues.

Members and users

At RENAISSANCE, in order to leave both our private and business guests and community members thinking “I want to come again” or “I want to see you again,” each staff member thinks carefully about how to provide a safe and secure environment, and interacts with all guests in a sincere and caring fashion.
Also, in order to add richness to guest’s lives, we propose a healthy and comfortable lifestyle, share emotion and joy, and try to improve our service each and every day to put a smile on as many guests’ faces as possible.

Initiatives for Safety and Security

Not to mention daily facility inspections, sports clubs and other facilities of RENAISSANCE conduct regular inspections by a specialized department in facility management, thereby making efforts to provide guests with facilities that can be used safely.
At the time of use, we pay close attention to the physical conditions of guests and call out to them so that they can train safely via communication between our staff members and guests.
During opening hours that are unattended by our staff, we partner with security companies to provide a system that can immediately respond to any accidents.

In addition, we conduct initiatives to maintain high levels of safety awareness for each employee. For example, to prepare for an unlikely event, we regularly hold evacuation drills and CPR/AED training, and established an annual Safety Day to improve on crime prevention systems and safety checkups.

Initiatives for Safety and Security

As a result, we have been able to make many life-saving contributions at the time of actual accidents.

[Staff members of Sports Club & Spa Renaissance Kumamoto-minami 24 saved a life in the facility]

Staff members from Sports Club & Spa Renaissance Kumamoto-minami 24 performed cardiac massage including the use of an AED on a man who suffered a cardiac arrest during a tennis lesson. This contribution to saving a life was recognized by the Central Fire Department of the Kumamoto City Fire Bureau. The staff members received testimonials on December 9, 2022.

[Staff members of Gym & Studio Renaissance Ayase saved a life outside the facility]

Staff members from Gym & Studio Renaissance Ayase learned from a guest that a man had collapsed on the pavement outside, and saved his life by taking an AED to the location in question, using it, and conducting cardiac massage. This contribution was recognized by the Adachi Fire Department and the staff members received testimonials on April 14, 2022.

[Staff members of Sports Club & Spa Renaissance Shizuoka saved a life inside the facility]

Staff members from Sports & Spa Renaissance Shizuoka carried out cardiac massage including the use of AED on a man who suffered from a cardiopulmonary arrest during a tennis lesson. This staff’s contribution to saving a life was recognized by the Suruga Fire Department of Shizuoka City Fire Bureau. The staff members received testimonials on March 17, 2022.

Countermeasures against infectious diseases

In the preventive measures against COVID-19, RENAISSANCE is making efforts to prevent conditions that tend to cause group infections (crowded spaces, close contact settings and closed spaces). It is thoroughly committed to create safe environments so that guests can feel at peace when using the facilities.

Setting up partitions

Sterilization and disinfection of facilities
Safety management of junior swimming schools

At the swimming schools within Sports Club Renaissance, we have implemented safety management measures to ensure that parents and guardians can entrust their children to us for swimming instructions with peace of mind.

Aiming for maintaining and improving quality in guest service
Stationing a Hospitality Coordinator

“Hospitality Coordinator” is the Japan’s only evaluation level certification system for guest service begun by the NPO Japan Hospitality Movement Association.
At RENAISSANCE, a staff member with this certification is stationed at each of our sports club facilities nationwide, and these staff members have a hospitality mindset as their own identity, and think carefully before taking action in this field. This includes a more detail-oriented approach to guest service as a matter of course, and they also train other staff members to develop their ability to create shared joy and emotion with guests.

Stationing a Hospitality Coordinator
Smile Staff Training

Smile Staff is a training program that all RENAISSANCE staff members undergo, and it is implemented regardless of position and hiring conditions. During this training program, there is a role-playing test included, and staff who pass it receive a special strap.
Based on the internal Smile Staff qualification, we are continually refining our approach to guest service, as well as the methods used, and making efforts for further improvement in these areas.

Smile Staff Training
Initiatives towards the realization of a healthy and longevity society
Support of health improvements and social participation for elderly

We propose and implement effective programs that can be enjoyed safely by elderly people, including those requiring help and long-term care.

“Nou Hatsuratsu Kyoshitsu” to prevent cognitive decline

“Koroban Undo Kyoshitsu” to prevent falling down

At the Working Community Space “Mizokuchi Teraso” in Houki Town, Tottori Prefecture, which we supported its opening, there is a working space for the elderly for the purpose of making connections with society through working and invigoration of the brain by doing light work using fingers, thereby linking efforts to employment creation and social participation.

Nursing Care Support through Our Nursing Care and Rehabilitation Facility “Genki Gym”

Currently, Japan’s population is aging rapidly. In this environment, one important social problem is the question of how we can maintain our country’s productivity and support the aging society. Our goal is to help create a society that allows elderly people to lead active and independent lives through rehabilitation and exercise. At the Genki Gym, rehabilitation specialists (physical therapists) and exercise specialists (exercise instructors for preventive care, etc.) support the independence of the elderly. In this way, they can enjoy the comfort of movement and experience the changes in their mind and body that occur through activity, and our hope is that this will help to expand the possibilities for their daily lives.

Nursing Care Support through Our Nursing Care and Rehabilitation Facility “Genki Gym
Spreading the “Synapsology” Brain Activation Program: Activities for Preventing Cognitive Decline

As Japan’s population becomes a super-aging society, declining cognitive function is becoming a social problem. In response to this problem, our company has developed new stimuli for brain activation through our “Synapsology” program, and we are currently working to spread this program.
Synapsology uses unfamiliar movements which require you to do two things at the same time, with your right and left sides doing different movements, giving a new stimulus to your brain to increase mental activation. Performing the movements in groups makes it more fun, and also stimulates the areas of your brain that handle emotions and affect. As a result, this program could improve not only cognitive and physical function but also mental stability, and is currently being applied at day service facilities, paid nursing homes, preventive care projects run by local municipalities (cognitive decline prevention seminars, etc.), and dementia cafés.

Spreading the “Synapsology” Brain Activation Program: Activities for Preventing Cognitive Decline
“The Renaissance Exercise Support Center,” where cancer patients can use with peace of mind

When one has cancer, one of the three serious diseases, one undergoes various physical disorders due to the disease and its treatment. In addition, there are many cases of deteriorated QOL (Quality of Life) that appear in the form of “I cannot live my daily life the way I want,” or “I cannot enjoy my hobby anymore.” “The Renaissance Exercise Support Center,” located in the Patient’s Communication Building at the Osaka International Cancer Institute of Osaka Prefectural Hospital Organization, aims at establishing exercise habits that are suitable for cancer patients, alleviating and improving many of the disorders through physical exercise.

Towards the growth of children and the realization of dreams
Supporting Healthy Living for Women through a Fitness Studio Exclusively for Women

For all the busy women in the world, we wanted to give them a place to spend their precious time in an effective way, and that’s why this ladies-only facility was opened.
By fulfilling a variety of needs such as location in the city center, close to where guests live, a place they can go with friends, and a place they can relax on their own, the goal of this facility is supporting these active women.

Towards the growth of children and the realization of dreams
Education and Activities for Swimmers

At the junior swimming school locations throughout the country, we are working to improve the quality of instruction. In addition to developing a likeable personality, the course also builds both physical and mental perseverance and strength.
As for swimmers from this program, two of our students, Sachi Mochida from Renaissance Makuhari and Rikako Ikee from Renaissance Kameido participated in the 31st Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Rikako Ikee has an especially impressive competition record, and has achieved a number of excellent finishes such as winning the 50 meter freestyle, 50 meter butterfly, 100 meter butterfly, and 400 meter medley relay events at the 10th Asian Swimming Championships in November 2016. She also won bronze medals in the 50 meter butterfly and 100 meter butterfly events at the 13th FINA World Swimming Championships, held in Windsor in December 2016. We will continue working to train the next generation of swimmers.

Supporting athletes

RENAISSANCE supports top athletes such as Rikako Ikee, a swimmer, and Anri Kawamura, a mogul skier.
The dedicated Competitiveness Strengthening Department is extending support unique to RENAISSANCE by, for example, offering places for athletes to practice and providing them training instructions to take advantage of the company’s know-how.

Rikako Ikee, swimmer
Anri Kawamura, mogul skier
Supporting medical care and childcare for children with developmental disorder

Taking advantage of the know-how cultivated through the existing rehabilitation business as well as experience acquired from fitness clubs and junior schools, we deploy “Genki Gym Jr.” in support of children’s medical care and childcare in terms of motor and neural development.
Physiotherapists and child guidance workers arrange fun programs such as bouldering and trampolines as well as utilizing items effective for sensory integration at “Genki Gym Jr.”

Supporting the Development of the “Ability to Thrive” through Outdoor School Activities

At our junior school, we support the development of children’s ability to thrive through experiencing outdoor activities together with their friends and coaches.

Supporting the Development of the “Ability to Thrive” through Outdoor School Activities

Activity Concept

At Renaissance Outdoor School, children learn from a variety of experiences, and develop richness of character and ability to thrive. Our staff lead the sessions to guide children to physical and emotional growth.

Activity Concept

  1. At Renaissance camps, activities are generally performed in groups.
  2. At the camp site, children learn about culture and history while talking with local people.
  3. We also offer camps on the topic of food and nutrition education.
Cooperation with KidZania, “A City where Kids are the Stars”
KidZania, A City where Kids are the Stars

“KidZania Tokyo,” located in Toyosu in Tokyo’s Koto ward, is an edutainment town* where children can try out adult jobs they’re interested in and learn about how society works while having fun.

*Education + Entertainment = Edutainment.

There are facilities like an airport, newspaper edition, police station, fire department, and hospital inside KidZania Tokyo, and all the shops and facilities are striking replications of the real thing. Children can pick activities that interest them from more than 100 different jobs and services. Through these activities, children learn about the fun of working in the jobs they chose, as well as the difficult parts, and build independence, social skills, and awareness of money.

Activities available at the “Sports Club” pavilionActivities available at the “Sports Club” pavilion
“Sports Club” pavilion (2nd floor)
Activities available at the “Sports Club” pavilion

At the “Sports Club” pavilion run by our company, children can take part in classes such as hip-hop dancing, tennis, and cheerleading led by our instructors.

Activities available at the “Sports Club” pavilion
Supporting Our Guests to Create Something to Live for through Various Events
3-hour relay marathon & Parent and child pair marathon

Members, staff, and clients can form teams regardless of their relationships to one another and pass on the sash for the duration of this 3-hour event.

3-hour relay marathon & Parent and child pair marathon
Honolulu Marathon

A special experience with the ultimate environment and scenery. We provide support to help guests finish the race and have a moving experience.

Honolulu Marathon
Masters’ swimming competitions

Swimming fans from all over the country gather, and new records for RENAISSANCE, the competition, Japan, and the world are set at these incredible events.

Masters’ swimming competitions
Renaissance Cup

This is a competition that members of the tennis schools in the Tokyo metropolitan area can take part in. Action-packed matches are carried out in the beautiful natural surroundings of Renaissance Takanodai Tennis Club.

Renaissance Cup

Companies and health insurance unions

To secure a labor force and continuously create value for society with a declining birthrate and a growing proportion of elderly people, the health of working people and co-creation beyond the borders of companies and organizations are in great demand. By supporting the promotion of health and productivity management of various companies and health insurance unions, we will further vitalize society through investments in employee health and happiness, while striving to work together with many companies to tackle the challenge of creating a better society.

Local communities (Japan)

With aging and depopulation underway, many local municipalities have increasing needs to combine “regional social security yielded by regional capital” with conventional public social welfare and develop them. In addition to the know-how about the management of sports clubs and nursing and rehabilitation facilities, RENAISSANCE takes advantage of industry-government-academia partnerships, thereby addressing the challenges of solving social issues that communities tend to face.

Conducting communication activities with a focus on connections in the community

In addition to sports club management, we participate in community events and clean-ups to proactively build communication with community members.

Examples of community activities

Example 1) Sports Club & Spa Renaissance Kumamoto Minami: “Participation in a Festival in the Harutake Area”

The Kumamoto Minami Club participates in a local festival as a supporting company, engaged in creating opportunities for community residents to start physical exercise by distributing trial tickets and tennis balls and by presenting invitation tickets by lottery. Many swimming and tennis school students visit the festival, thereby deepening exchanges. Participation in community events is a valuable activity to offer opportunities for health improvements through communication with community residents.

Example 2) Sports Club Renaissance Sendai Izumi-chuo “Participation in Cleaning of the Entire Izumi Ward”

At the Sendai Izumi-chuo Club, as part of welcoming guests to our facility, we clean both the interior and exterior surroundings, and participate in a community (Izumi Ward) cleaning event held twice a year out of a desire to keep the area clean. There is a street called Daffodil Road (Suisen-dori) in front of the facility with flower beds set up along it, where all the students at the local Nanakita Elementary School have been continually taking care of these flowers ever since the earthquake. Participation in the community cleaning event is an important opportunity for us to make sure everyone can continue to enjoy the beautiful sight of the blooming flowers when walking along the street.

Towards the future of the sports and health industry
Initiatives for health education

Working with universities, medical institutions, and various organizations, RENAISSANCE is engaged in research and product development related to the maintenance and improvement of physical functions and disease prevention. Driven by the aim to make instructors and trainers an attractive work choice that can be continued for a lifetime, the company provides consulting for educational institutions and plans and conducts a wide range of seminars and development courses, thereby expanding its scope of business into human resource development, and plans to link such efforts to the development of the sports and health industry into the future.

Local communities (Overseas)

Through its sports club business in Vietnam, RENAISSANCE addresses various challenges such as drowning prevention by improving children's swimming abilities and health improvements of local residents.
In recent years, Asian countries have emphasized efforts to solve health issues that accompany with age. RENAISSANCE takes advantage of its experience and know-how on health improvements, nursing, and rehabilitation to propose solutions that help solve these issues.

Contributing to solving issues in Vietnam

In July 2014, RENAISSANCE established a subsidiary in Vietnam. In November of the same year, the company opened its first sports club, Sports Club Renaissance AEON MALL Binh Duong Canary, and in October 2015, launched its second sports club, Sports Club Renaissance AEON MALL Long Bien.

Vietnam has many water accidents due to the lack of swimming education for children during their compulsory education, in particular practical training. RENAISSANCE has responded to the local needs by providing swimming schools. In addition, swimming schools also have educational effects in terms of manners.

At the same time, we donated 250 helmets to elementary and middle school students in the area. In Vietnam, it’s common for children to ride scooters and motorcycles with their parents without wearing a helmet, and this initiative was launched in an attempt to do whatever we could to reduce the accidents and injuries resulting from this practice after our staff saw it and felt it was incredibly dangerous.

In addition to sports clubs, the company also contributes to society through swimming classes for local residents and health courses for the elderly.

Providing a Korean hospital with know-how on nursing and rehabilitation

In South Korea, we established a consulting agreement with Cheil Orthopedic Hospital to start a business, and has prepared for the opening of exercise and rehabilitation facilities for the elderly. Based on SYNAPSOLOGY® and the operating know-how of the "Genki Gym": day care service facilities specializing in rehabilitation, we conduct training for instruction skills of Redcord and other programs, support the opening of "Cheil Re:Fit Care" and developing of original programs tailored for the members' needs.

Government offices and local municipalities

Japan has become a country that ranks the highest in the world in terms of life longevity. However, at the same time, Japan is affected by an increase in expenses for its public medical support system and a decrease in its working population, so it has become rather difficult to maintain its social security system as-is or increase its economic growth rate.
As a company working with a philosophy of being “a company for creating purpose in life (ikigai in Japanese),” RENAISSANCE works in tandem with government offices, local municipalities, etc. to actively support health and productivity management . Through the realization of the extension of a healthy life expectancy and achieving an ageless society, it aims to play a part in making Japan a country where people can enjoy longevity that the world aims for.

Supporting operations as a secretary company of the Kenkokeiei Meeting

Serving as a secretary company of the KENKO-KEIEI Meeting Committee, RENAISSANCE supports operations in cooperation with public offices, municipalities, and private companies. In recent years, meetings have been held in Tokyo, Yokohama, Kobe, and Kamakura. In 2022, the meeting was held online, thanks to cooperation from individual public offices and experts.

Sponsoring the Study Session for Kenkokeiei “Health and Productivity Management” Practice

We support the practice of Kenkokeiei “health and productivity management” by providing cutting-edge information about health building and introducing the cases of pioneer companies that tackle health and productivity management. In addition, we regularly promote development training on health and productivity management for corporate health and productivity management promoters.

Supporting enlightenment activities for Kenkokeiei “Health and Productivity Management”

RENAISSANCE is a supporter of the Nonprofit Organization Kenkokeiei, and as a partner company and director, it supports enlightenment activities of Kenkokeiei “health and productivity management,” which is conducted by Nonprofie Organization Kenkokeiei.
Also, as a member of KENKO Kigyokai that aims at working together to promote health and productivity management and contribute to an extension of a healthy life expectancy, we are very much involved in initiatives that upgrade health and productivity management as a founding member and director-general company. In 2021, RENAISSANCE published the details of “KENKO-KEIEI Builds the Future” as a deepen version.

*“Kenkokeiei” is a registered trademark of the Nonprofit Organization Kenkokeiei.

Activities of the Federation of Health and Longevity Industries

The Federation of Health and Longevity Industries is an organization that strives to promote all industries engaged in the extension of healthy life expectancy in Japan. It creates an inter-industry forum for exchanges driven by companies and industry organizations, engages itself in activities for the extension of a healthy life expectancy across industries, and addresses social challenges through efforts by the government and the private sector, all the while optimizing the costs of public medical and nursing services. RENAISSANCE actively supports the organization’s activities and operations as a director of the federation. RENAISSANCE also serves as the Vice Chair, Secretary General, and chairperson of the Health and Productivity Management Working Group.

Activities in governmental committees and related organizations

Through activities of governmental committees and related organizations, we support the extension of a healthy life span as promoted by the government.

Government committees

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

  • Member, Healthcare and Medical Care New Industrial Council ※1
  • Member, Health Investment Working Group ※2

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

  • Chairman, Smart Life Project Promotion Committee ※1
  • Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Expert committee Expert committee member on countermeasures to reduce falls, back aches, etc.
  • 2021 Campaign for building safe and secure shops, stores, and facilities

Japan Sports Agency

  • Health and Sports Division, Sports Council ※1
  • Member, Sports Yell Company
Related organizations
  • President, PIIA Japan Sports Health Industries Federation
  • President, PIIA Japan Sports Health Industries Federation
  • President, General Incorporated Fitness Industry Associations of Japan
  • Board member, PIIA Japan Health Promotion & Fitness Foundation
  • Director, Nonprofit Organization Kenkokeiei
    Vice Chairman, Health and Longevity Industry Association, etc.
Partnership with local municipalities towards healthy town building

RENAISSANCE has entered into partnership contracts with numerous municipalities towards healthy town building

November 2019Concluded the Comprehensive Partnership Agreement to Promote Healthy Sapporo 21 with Sapporo City, Hokkaido Prefecture
February 2020Concluded the Comprehensive Partnership Agreement on Regional Revitalization with Naruto City, Tokushima Prefecture
September 2020Joined the Warabi Ikiiki Kids Project with Warabi City, Saitama Prefecture
December 2020Concluded the Comprehensive Partnership Agreement on Town Building Towards the Future with Koshimizu Town, Hokkaido
September 2021Concluded the Partnership Agreement on Building a Lively Town through Heath and Exercise with Kasama City, Ibaraki Prefecture
January 2022Concluded the Partnership Agreement for Regional Vitalization towards “Building a Town to Live Beautifully both Physically and Mentally” with Misato Town, Saitama Prefecture
March 2023RENAISSANCE signed the Partnership Agreement on Health and Productivity Management Support with Sumida Ward in Tokyo

Agreement with Misato Town, Saitama Prefecture

Agreement with Koshimizu town, Hokkaido


RENAISSANCE considers its customers as important partners in offering values for “Creating purpose in life (ikigai in Japanese).”
In conducting fair and ethical trade, the company complies with internal rules and strives to promote internal education to ensure that compliance is never violated.

Shareholders and Investors

RENAISSANCE considers shareholders and investors as important partners to realize “Creating purpose in life (ikigai in Japanese).” Through timely and appropriate disclosure and dialog, we will strive to enable shareholders and investors to improve their understanding and support of our business activities.

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