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Corporate Governance

Basic approach to corporate governance

At RENAISSANCE, we are focused on improving corporate value with the goal of achieving sustainable corporate development and growth. To this end, our basic policy on corporate governance values the building of systems that will make sound and efficient corporate management possible — the management task of utmost importance.
To earn even greater trust from our stakeholders, we endeavor to conduct transparent and swift business administration, consistently achieve the highest standard in corporate governance, and make continuous improvements to these systems.
Furthermore, RENAISSANCE respects the rights of shareholders. In addition to ensuring managerial fairness and transparency, we will be improving our corporate governance with the belief that strengthening management dynamism is key to this endeavor.

Establishment of the Corporate Governance Guideline

With the aim of achieving sustainable development and growth while improving corporate value based on the spirit of our Corporate Governance Code, RENAISSANCE has formulated the Corporate Governance Guideline.
Grounded in our Corporate Philosophy and Corporate Behavioral guidelines, this Corporate Governance guideline aims to achieve sustainable development and growth for the company by improving corporate value, and seeks to achieve the highest standard in corporate governance so as to earn the trust of our stakeholders.

Corporate Philosophy
As a "company creating something to live for", we at Renaissance offer our customers the means to lead lives of better health and comfort.
Behavioral guidelines
We will perform our work with hospitable and diligent efforts.
We will discipline ourselves to perform correct and creative work.
We will pursue creation of something to live for ourselves and contribute to the society.

Corporate governance system

Corporate governance system

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